Climate crisis in the air and in the ground.
Worldwide solution
are everywhere around.

Mind the next quote
Geoff Lawton wrote

“you can solve all the world’s problems in a garden” by permaculture.
That is the way to nurture nature.

Permaculture food crops in the land and in the city.
Make the enviroment healthy, green and pretty.

Grow hemp together with friend plants.
Create rich soil lands.

Where biodiversity is seen,
as the soil is nutricious and clean.

If you know which plants Lady Hemp wears in her hair,
then you know some plant friends who love her and care.

This post is for world soil day
Let me know what you think
And leave a comment

2 thoughts on “Soil

  1. The world needs diversity, of species, of thought, of action. Let make the concrete jungles a diverse and green place for all individuals, plants, insects and animals alike.

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