Bevrijdingsfestival – Liberation festival

5 May is the day of the liberation and we celebrate this together. But there’s still a long way to go to respect each other so that we can work together to keep our earth safe and sustain the quality of life for future generations. Like Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and other young people keep on making us realise. It’s their future that’s at steak.

In the Netherlands, this day has been celebrated throughout the country with music festivals in various big cities for years. Local, national and international artists continue the freedom message.

The day is extra festive with the sun, which lures everyone outside. Nice to see each other in the Euromast park, and at the same time listen to the music of different artists. I made a compilation to give an impression from the festival in the video.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo starts first. Back in time with acapella vocals from these Gumboot men from South Africa. Later in the afternoon it swings with the men of Gallowstreet, who can blow everything together with their instruments. After the party of Gallowstreet the band St.Solaire plays on the other stage. There too, the atmosphere is baffled and cozy.

The whole park is full of people in some places it is busier than other places. This way you can enjoy the green or the music. For the children there are all sorts of games and artistic activities.

Dool is a hard rock band with headbanging musicians on ripping guitars and a drummer. What a power energy comes from that. Kuenta Tambu builds a private party on stage. This band uses the transition of tropical music and DJ mixes. The rest of the evening there is mainly time for DJs.

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