Dalai Lama

It is a true experience to see and hear the Dalai Lama. He is a great buddhist leader, but knows how to bring his message into universal subjects that recognize and touch people. In addition, he knows how to put things into perspective, with compassion, compassion and appropriate humor. Especially the latter particularly inspires me.

The Dalai Lama also keeps it real and calls for our responsibility towards mother earth. He mentions the major threats in the world and in particular for the Tibetan people. China oppresses the people and systematically expels the culture of the Tibetans. Monks in Tibet live peacefully, but in danger by Chinese rulers. Then there is the great concern about climate change and the directly visible consequences for Tibet.

Tibet is often referred to as the ‘roof of the world‘ or the ‘third pole of the world’ because it contains the largest ice fields outside the North and South Pole. It is threatened by melting glaciers and other extreme weather phenomena. Scientists believe that the Tibetan plateau provides an early warning for climate change and that is why it is an essential global climate barometer. Because Tibet plays a prominent role in the Asian monsoon system, the consequences will affect the lives of millions of people downstream and those who live on the plateau.



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