There are CHILDREN who grow up in poverty. Where words like RIGHT is nothing more than the abstract of letters. Reality is a life filled with hard trials.

There are CHILDREN who understand what suppression, pollution and what stealing is. If your people have been exploited for centuries, the land is taken away and there is no future, because you are the original inhabitant of that country, you know already as a child about RIGHTS.

There are CHILDREN who do not forget the knowledge of their ancestors. Who will honour their culture so they can later transfer cultural roots to their children. These children know.

There are CHILDREN with a mission.
They take action,
but prefer to do this with and for everyone,
they stand for their RIGHTS.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez spoke publicly  at 6 years old about RIGHT and mother earth. He and other kids sued the United States of America for their future and the RIGHTS for children on quality of life. This process is still ongoing.

Xiuhtezcatl has established a platform, the Earth Guardians, a book written. He raps about his vision, ancestors, pollution and love for mother Earth. He inspires adults, but especially young people, to stand up for the RIGHT to a better world.

Wherever you are,
no matter how young you are
you are someone
and you count.

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