New years wishes

illustration by #LadyHemp for MRSTAR #newyear
Can our collective new years wishes shine light on what and how we can change together
now is the moment we see and speak out for the better
Living in a destructive system that leaves us no quality of life
we feel the need to survive
on our #wonderfulgreen earth as human beings
Duality leaves us with confused feelings

If I’m not selfish, the other takes my part
This fear makes us weak @ heart
Others have limitless desire of power and greed
but stay unsatisfied in their need
duality stays
in numerous ways

Keep expressing positive solutions
Clear the confusions
Let love gain power
this may be the last hour
to unite ourselves as human beings of love
putting quality of life on mother earth first and above
create a system that follow the our planet health
only than we all life in abundance and wealth

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