Tank and the Bangas

Concert of Tank and the Bangas by mrstar designI saw Tank and the Bangas for the first time at the tiny desk concert. Wow, and I became very curious.

First of all because of the voice of Tarriona “Tank” Ball. Her voice reminds me of Jill Scott. Funny they both started out on poetry. They artistically mix their singing with poetry that flavors the song.
In addition, the texts are meaningful and not just nice dance songs. I love meaning, authenticity and artistic musical expression.

After the support act Tank and the Bangas were ready to rock. Tarriona said in an interview that she has freed herself from the way she ‘should’ dress. Well, she radiates that freedom in her minidress with a bell skirt that cheerfully moves around her.

Filming was not easy. The stage at club Annabel is high and the lighting is brightly colored and dark. That gives a distorted picture. But I am experimenting with making videos in a way I add my photo’s and illustrations in the video. It’s fun to play with the atmosphere of the scene and add effects.

I decided to hide the video smoke.netflix.chill. for it can be interpreted differently.
By doubt, I just stop and although I’ve worked hard their other songs. So I decided to do my favorite song ‘rollercoaster’. Soon to come

music video’s on my Youtube channel.
Music is a wonderful source of energy

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