No Fairytale

Grow high
above our heads to the sky
grow fast
today and in historical past
create wonderful green
let the forest of the sky plant be seen

like the powerful seed
full with nutrition for human need
harvest the fiber long
create textiles that are strong
grow plants wonderful green
make soil and air clean

make from the green hemp source
green concrete, milk, shoes, food, medicine,
oil, bio-plastic, paper and many more of course
This wonder plant is for real
with endless possibilities as a deal
invest in wonderful green
you know what I mean

tell the lie about hemp to create fear
then make the lie right by law that’s clear
eighty years later the real deal still creates pollution
and the world screams for a solution
we need nature and clean energy
set this wonderful hemp plant free

let hemp grow naturally
in permaculture preferably
let wonders of nature flow
it’s the green way we need to go
create wonderful green
let the forest of hemp be seen

Lady Hemp advocates for wonderful green hemp plants
So free hemp from the big lie
and make her useful as a green resource for products,
clean energy and heal mother earth at the same time.

If you care
feel free to share

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