The mountain
Bears the fountain
From the high mountain ground
They come out
Drops of water come together
from this point ever
They start their journey
In purity

Rippling or flowing from the mountain
Now a visible fountain
Moving with gravity
Shaping Naturally
rivers and streams
Also create life as it seems
The mountain ecosystem remains pure
It feeds our nature

The mountain
Is the fountain
baldness at the top
From the cold non stop
Or bald through our hand
Exploitation result is dead land
bare land has no grip to hold
The Visible erosion story is told

Respect the mountain
As a source of life
Produce from an infinite source
Like Hemp of course
Grown in permaculture
Preserve biodiversity in nature
Abundance of wonderful green
Keep the mountains healthy and clean

Today is international mountain day
my Thoughts are with the mountains

I honour the people that protect
🏔 Standing Rock

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