Rosaly Rosette 🏡

Rosaly Rosette 1 year (27-4-2019)

I like to honor
all who love are working with their hands to create authentique products with great skill,
care for themselves, human resources, sustainability and nature.
I like to honor all
who pass on the knowledge of craftship, skills and creativity with passion.

In our world 🌎 industrialization and robotization scaled up production of uniform product to create more stuff to consume endlessly. Toxic stuff that’s not sold for the real price. Mother earth and communities pay the real price.

At the other hand we people need to develope and create by head, heart and hand. Unique and quality products should be valued and sold for a fair price. Precisely this point was a major concern to Rosaly one year ago. She made a lot of rosettes 🏡. Instead of selling, she decided to campaign craft.

With the world crisis w’re in right now,
we need local self-sufficient communities, where peoples make produce food and products for them self.

Slow living, permaculture, craft and people are vital to the quality of life. Technology should only be used to support difficult, accurate or hard labor and always in harmony with nature.

I, Rosaly Rosette
will continue to promote the importance of craft, local economies and slow living lifestyle as a partial solution to the problems in our world 🌎.

Rosaly Rosette is one of my alter ego’s.
She focus on craft, sharing knowledge and slow living.


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