Mother Earth is alive
Mother Earth is no patent
Power over mother Earth
is power over living beings
who are now hurt

Love mother Earth
As you love yourself

A lot of answers to science questions
are known to ingenious people,
ancient civilasations and mother nature
If you don’t resonate
There’s a closed gate

Think and act in holistic systems
in harmonie with mother Earth

Be aware of your ego, thoughts and heart
know your whole
Let the ego not play a dominant role
Spread love frequency
in your reality

6 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Today we realize what the earth represents to us and shows us to what extent we have been able to damage it. Love is paid for with love. And we have not given.
    I liked your poem. Verses that invite reflection.

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    1. It’s to reflect and learn
      It’s a strange world 🌎 where 1% own’s more then 95% of mother earth’s resources and where water 💧 can patented.
      Universal love ❤️ is indeed an energy we need

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