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There are more than ten advantages of choosing hemp as a building material over concrete. It’s a missed opportunity for house owner  and mother earth that concrete is still widely used as a building material.

More connection with nature
means more connection with our whole human being.

Hemp offers this possibility in a wide range of advantages such as home and residential environment. The plant can be grown locally, preferably in permaculture. It cleans the soil and air and can be harvest within 90 days.

Only the inner rigid fibers are used for construction. Mixed with water and lime, it is a non-toxic light material that becomes rock-hard, solid, breathable, fire-resistant and shock-resistant. So a good alternative in areas of the world with earthquakes. Concrete is toxic and a heavy material, which leads to physical overload. Hempcrete is a light material and people can safely build with it.

Because the walls breathe, the climate in the house becomes pleasant. This saves energy. With hot days it is cooler indoors and with cold days the temperature inside is higher. Hempcrete is mold resistant.

more advantages of hempcrete
– Carbon Positive (better than carbon neutral)
– Affordable
– Allergy Free (no mold)
– Sound Insulation
– Cradle tot Cradle
– Environmentally Friendly (no greenhouse gas)
– Rodent Resistant (naturally termite proof)

 The material is ideal for other shapes such as round houses. Perhaps a nice challenge for the future to build more round houses, without dead corners. Look for yourself in some stunning examples

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