World in distress
Greedy persons care less
People pay
this horrible play
nature has no value
destruction is the clue

chaos continue
greedy persons push through
for time and energy control
they want it all
till all blows up
distruction will stop

So this is the day of peace
tell me please
who’s foolin’ who
for LOVE is the clue
from the heart and soul
complete and whole

universal love experience
come on feel it my friends
Earth beings unite
make love shine bright
witness real peace birth
as we uplift mother earth


2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Liefde is het antwoord, altijd. Laten we ons verbinden met liefdevolle mensen, en ik voel dat die onderlinge verbinding groeit. We zijn op een mooi pad samen ❤️🙏🏻

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