Universal love

Far from romantic
It’s magic
the power of universal love
on earth and heaven above
abundance of love flow
awareness of love let unity grow

Loin d’être romantique
C’est de la magie
le pouvoir de l’amour universel
sur la terre et au ciel
abondance d’amour débit
la conscience de l’amour fait grandir l’unité


2 thoughts on “Universal love

  1. Dear Monique❤️

    Thank You❤️for this wonderful post.

    Hope the full moon will inspire people to stand Up

    for their Rigths

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes as The light of The Full moon shines on cercumstanses
      People may discover lies of controling power. Than it’s up to them to break free. 🍀💚❤️


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