Willow Smith @ Afropunk

willow17freeI went to Afropunk specifically for Willow. I get so much positive energy from her music. Her lyrics take me to where everything is possible. Words like Akashic records and Merkabah spin are natural in her volcabular. It lives. That life is the energy.

My visit to Afropunk gave me much more personally. Not only Willow but also other visitors, standholders, other artists and the organization. It took me on a journey of discovery and synchronization. What a thrill. The whole atmosphere and mindset is open, peace-loving and breaths space to be who you are. That creates positive energy. Although the festival is mainly visited by people from all colours.

Willow is the highlight of Afropunk for me. During her show I have both hands full, one hand with a videocamera and the other with a photocamera.

Now I literally enjoy the energy of the show after. The whole video has too many moments I like to share. Meanwhile, my You-tube Channel – Mo Moon – has had more visits, than I can imagine, thanks to Willow. The video –Whip my hair– has been viewed over 50.000x. Thanx so much Willow & viewers. It stimulate me to make better clips. To be continued … like this one Cave Wall.

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