Willow- november 9

willow 1
Electionday USA, november 8,  2016

The election in America is won by an egocentric man who communicates disrespectfully, aggressively and provocative. In doing so, he continues to create  scandals. His promises are unrealistic and he don’t value science and nature.

 November 9 is a song written by Willow the day after the elections in 2016.
Willow is 16 at that time and can not vote. What she can do is write a song to express her feelings.


Written and produced By Willow Smith

[Verse 1]
Baby girl, I know you’re tired
Don’t let the world put out your fire
Take my hand and you will see
Sadness and anger aren’t everything

[Verse 2]
Baby boy don’t lose your sweetness
Don’t think your humanity equals weakness
Take my hand and you shall see
Suppression and pain are not everything

[Verse 3]
Little rock up in the sky
Just know we’re sick and asking “Why?”
Little ball falls though the void
It holds us together and endures our choices

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