thankful for what?

HIY, highlights in the year, are events to reflect on certain themes. As MRSTAR, I express these themes in an illustration or poem. By doing so I learn so much more of the background and different perspectives of that subject. With every illustration or poem I want to inspire myself and peoples.

This month is dedicated to my beautiful daughter. Her birthday is on the 23rd of November. On this special day I think back on her birth and I feel blessed and very grateful. This year, my intention is to make an illustration of her. Two days ago I realized that this day is also Thanksgivingday.

So the choice of the HIY event is made for me. And to think that only last year I learned the true story behind this national holiday in America. A story that turns my heart around.

My father told me stories about the four years he had lived in America. He spoke with admiration and great respect about his Indian friend. He also had a colored friend named Steve. They meant a lot to him when he lived in the wilderness of the vast forests between America and Canada. Throught his stories I gained a lot of repect for indigenous peoples.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-20 om 18.22.32
So as a child, I could not understand why Indian and colored peoples were abused, murdered and are still oppressed by whites. At a young age I added to the slogan, ‘everyone can make their dream reality in America’ – unless you are an Indian.

There is nothing to celebrate in the craziness of the white romantizised promotional story. There are many stories that testify to history falsification. How can our children learn from these events. Ignorance is a weapon to maintain false believe systems.

Celebrating gratitude for life, for energy and love,
it is of spiritual importance.
Do this every day with all your heart
and connect the physical, mental and spiritual in you with your life.

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