activate, stimulate and create
feel the vibe of passion
vibrate, liberate and cultivate
the energy of passion
consummate, circulate and celebrate
the art and craft with passion
make her great
the creations born out of passion


Rosaly Rosette loves craft
She loves products made with passion
But …a lot of craft makers and artist are not getting the right price. That’s why Rosaly Rosette started a campaign to create more awareness and appreciation for craft, art, and craft makers.
The goals are to get a good prize for craftwork.

Then children find it rewarding to choose for an occupation in craftwork.

We need creative peoples, we need thinkers, organizers, caretakers, and so on the make progress in this world and find the right solution to the problems that we face.

If you agree please share
Thanx Rosaly Rosette

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