Childrens right

feel inspiration and connection with
other people who see and wish for a better world
for all living things,
plants and animals on our earth.

The rights of the child
What kind of content do the rights of the child have when multinationals rule?
These multinationals have been exploiting our mother earth for decades. It makes sense that there is almost non fertile soil. Now the multinationals say there are too many people on the planet.
What do you think?

We humans have been manipulated by the media and the education system to think and believe in detail. As a result, solutions are sought unilaterally for a short term. In addition, the solution is often disadvantageous for something else. People are nature. Nature has various eco-systems, which are all interconnected.
What can we learn from this?

Children are flexible and can often come up with better solutions than adults. Their focus is not a profit motive for large multinationals. The well-being of their environment and nature is important.
Activists like Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Rachel Parent have been convinced from an early age that change is needed. Their message clashes with the greed of multinationals.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
He has already been highlighted in the previous post. His Native Mexican roots give him a wealth and connection with Mother Earth. As an activist and hip-hop artist, he takes his message further into the world. A message of love for each other and for Mother Earth.

Rachel Parent
Rachel makes it clear that children in America and Canada have a right to know what they are eating. Why is it obvious to eat genetically modified foods?

Kids right to know
The kids right to know movement was born from the goal to let children have a choice of what they eat. Some adults doubt whether children can make a conscious choice. They doubt if children can participate in the discussion and decision-making about local and national policy. Children should be taken more serious. They are closer to what is essential with their feelings.

Educate yourself
The education system dates back to the industrial age. The most watched TED talk of Sir Ken Robinson explains this. The education system propagates a belief system in favour of the multinationals.If you follow the money and patents you can find out why. The lobbyists from industry and multi nationals set the conditions for the government. The university studies are not independent. They’re bound by many rules and conditions from the government to corporate world.

Material versus in material world
The educational system is based on science. Science is based on tangible facts.
But humans are emotional energetic beings.

If we know more about how our energy works of the body, mind and soul, then we can find solutions that work in a whole, not just in detail. Quantum physics provides insight into this, the power of our thoughts extends beyond ourselves. Loving thought and enjoying our Mother Earth works wonders.

System change
We can learn a lot from nature peoples. What if we no longer have a linear system? What if we can think in parallel and whole? Like a tree that connect the world above the ground with the world under the ground. 

comes from thoughts
that connect differences.


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