Human rights

The famous drawing “Vitruvian Man” (Uomo vitruviano) by Leonardo da Vinci.

Put human beings in their innerstrenght
a creative human being present
Constant fear makes beings weak within
using fear as a wapon is a sin

Outside humans mother nature is essential
Inside humans are multi dimensional
know this and live your true potential

Humans organise themselves on earth by rights
to empower themselves materialwise
Now 1% of humans owns mother earth completely
Who believes this, is trapped in a artificial reality

Nature is the real deal
Live with mother earth and feel
Plant based alchemy during ages reveal
All the solutions are in nature to heal

Humans depend on plants for good
to cure and feed from leaves, flower to root
So Fungi, Hemp, Artimesia Annua and more
Empowers humans quality of life in spirit and core

Written rights don’t go to the essence of to be
for all living beings are naturally born free
Enslavement created by imaginairy systems is no deal
Allignment of body, mind and soul make human powerful for real

wonderful fungi

Holy Hemp

miracle Artimesia Annua

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