Artificial timeline

As far as people stick to the 3D reality
It’s an artificial timeline you can see
Every year we repeat this event
Steppin from the old to the new apparent


Time is an illusion
Giving us stress and confusion
Do you realy feel your age
or who states the conditions for this phase?


We enter the artificial 2022 year
It brings along a lot of collective baggage and fear
Take this artificial border to evaluate
What is your emotional state?

What is the state of your spirit and your soul?
Can you see them seperate from the whole?
Can we see day without night?
Can we see dark without light?

Opposites have a balance
So do you inside, by chance
It remind me of a Native American story
The bad and good wolf that fight for glory

Feed the bad wolf and feed the good one
That way satisfaction will be done
Innerpeace is the space to grow
From the love source to flow

Reflect in the now
Take responsibilities now and tomorrow
All is energy
experience and see
what resonates and empowers
in timeless seconds and hours

REAL Story of The two wolves 🐺 🐺

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