Indiginous wisdom

What do indiginious elders say
Of the unatural pressure we live in today?
All is repeated in cycles in time
rise and fall of civilasations as mine

Lost knowledge is stored in cells
synchronisation rings bells
Aboriginals draw in the sand
Messages fom their dreamland

Galactic connection is strong
Knowlegde in consiousness excist ages long
Native Americans gaze in the night
Together with Starpeople they take their intergalactical flight

All over The world indiginous people show
Ancient history and alchemy flow
in a hidden frequency to feel
open The senses to experience and heal

Universal emotion let earthbeings unite
together we shine light
in love and compassion
Earth’s high sensual expression

Ego get out of the way
Align in the holistic human every day
Connect and respect all
This is the wisdom call




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