Tiny grain together clinch
in Dark compact matter inch by inch
Waiting for a seed to Fall
That’s the transformation call

Water sippels through
Water carries minerales too
Recieved By fungi’s and roots gladly
feeding plant life plantyfully

Earth life passes through tunnelstructures
Hole safe spots for new creatures
From Ants, rabbit’s and bears
The beauty of life appaers

Plants nourisch this soil
With nutrients and CO2 to become whole
Hemp cleans soil and air
This wonderplant has a high surrounding care

Plant biological seed
so earthbeings can feed
so ecosysteems can excist
As noutricious foodgift

Human earthbeings Need soilfood to heal
Holistisch soil to feel
Roots connected to The soil
Their Outer and innerworld as whole

soil 2019
soil 2018


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