Women for freedom

Vrouwen voor vrijheid

With power, care, justice, flair,
humour, transparentcy, respect
and sincere interest they connect people.
In multiple dimensions they are present
to empower themselves & everybody.

They share songs to sing,
play music to join,
breath together fresh air,
show justice to see,
learn together,
speak wisdom,
they manifest connection

They share thoughts to grow,
bring light in the dark,
share love to spread,
show courage to dare,
in sisterhood care,
let heartfrequency feel,
for everybody to heal.

Women for freedom
we join your manifest
to empower ourselves and the rest.
worldwide freedom energy
as one and together we are free.


In honour of ‘Vrouwen voor vrijheid’
International Womensday 2021
International Womensday 2020
International Womensday 2019
International Womensday 2018
International Womensday 2017
International Womensday 2016

4 thoughts on “Women for freedom

    1. Dankjewel dit keer hebben filmpjes van OPN en andere mensen een beeld gegeven wat er aan de kant van het Concertgebouw is gebeurd. Het is te bizar voor woorden zoveel leed. Er was nog 5 minuten te gaan.


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