Drumcircle Worldwide

First a Hopi prophecy

Standing Rock Rise

Drumcircle gathering worldwide

With The beat of our Hearts
Let’s gather worldwide
Let’s gather for Mother Earth
Let’s gather when The Cosmos energy flows highly
Together we vibratie in a higher energy

Everything is energy
Everything is connected
Together we rise
Together we raise
The frequency world wide

The drums make music
Listen, feel, participate and dance
experience the vibe intens
a multi dimensional sense
Energy may take you in a trance


the moment
The day with the Liongate brings in more energy from the cosmos
Aquarius energy is rising
Collective challenges for mother Earth intensifies

Worldwide there’re drumcircles on the same day and time 11.11 hour
to drum and raise the energy
The beach of Schevingen is one of many places in Holland
where people with all kinds of drums join together

In the middle of the circle stands the big drum
the shamanic ritual is going on
in the heavy rain and the bright sun

from wet to dry
from water to fire
from rain to sun
from darkness to light

People tap rhythms on their drums
some drums are decorated
some drums come from far away countries
some are made of clay

All the different types of drums join together
all the different peoples join together
to watch or participate the ceremonie
to drum and dance three hours in universal energy


There’re sabar and djembe drums present in Scheveningen
Nostalgically they take me back to West Africa
The many flat round drum reminds me of music
from the indigenous people of North America
I like to share some of my musical treasures

West Africa
Many movements carry rhythm in manifestation
A universal sound vibration
Listen and experience
the filosophy of Foli’s musical brilliance

The Sabar drum from Senegal
More drums join together
Ingenious rhythms are played with sticks on the slim drums
They wake you up with their high tones
The ingenious rhythms are played with spectaculair dances

Many Djembe are present in the drum circle
Mamady Keita is a master drummer on djembe
The djembe drum has multiple tones
It’s a favorite drum all over West Africa and the world

Nneka (Nigerian/Germany)
All cultures know the language of drums
Drum beats speak an universal language
from heart to heart
It reminds me of this time when the heartenergy is called upon
It reminds me of the song from Nneka called Heartbeat

Lyla June (USA)
Together all nations rise
Bring The truth to light
Together unite
We join
All nations rise







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